Aug 28 2014
Join faculty, advisors, and fellow students at the Massage Therapy Program Student Welcome. Learn more about the program and important academic skills and attitudes that will ensure success in your university experience. This event is mandatory to all new students.
Aug 28 2014
The Early Learning and Child Care Program New Student Welcome is an opportuntiy for first-year (day-time) students to meet, learn about program and academic exprectations for the upcoming year, and discuss the program learning experience, including vital information about Field Placement.
Aug 28 2014
Join faculty, advisors and fellow students at the Correctional Services Program New Students' Welcome. The session is mandatory for new program students.
Aug 20 2014
Bring a fan, and other in-the-know tricks from resident assistants
Aug 19 2014
Dreamcatcher keynote speaker shares the story of turning his life around